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No words needed

We don’t need a lot of words to speak

A small gesture is enough

to accept the invitation and

find comfort in your arms

Resting my head upon your chest

I listen to the whispers of your heart

A rhytm slow and steady

telling me I’m safe

when all seems to fall apart

We don’t need words to say

we’ve both missed this tender time

Where our warmth expands

underneath a blanket

Your lips slowly seeking mine

Your hands gliding freely on my skin

As a first time lovers touch

we rediscover each other again

Relaxed yet a bit nervous

to feel this fire within

We don’t need a lot of words

You feel me all the way

When my heart is acking and

I do not dare to say

that I really miss the silence

and the moments for myself

But your soul is softly whispering

“I love you anyway”




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