Baby showers have been known for a long time in the United States and in The Netherlands and are becoming more popular in Belgium. It’s a celebration that puts mothers-to-be in the spotlight. Gifts are handed out, games are played and of course there are lovely snacks. It is a typical "women only" event where men are kindly requested to stay away from. You can compare it to a bachelor party before the wedding.

Yesterday, I organized a Blessing Way together with my doula colleague Tine for the first time. As the expecting mother has Indonesian roots, she wanted to include a few Hindu elements during the Blessing way ceremony. She had prepared a beautiful bowl as a centrepiece, gorgeously decorated with flowers and incense. In the middle stood a small shrine of the goddess Dewi Laksmi and a burning candle.

A Blessing Way (Also called a “Mother’s Blessing”) is an ancient tradition from the Navajo indians where a mother is blessed before her transition from woman into motherhood. Unlike a Western baby shower,the focus of a Blessing Way is on the expectant mom. The aim is to pamper her, give her full attention and fill her with love that she can pass onto her baby. A circle of loving women is the perfect way to get oxytocin flowing! It’s a unique way to honor the expecting mom and give her confidence and strength.

YES, it’s something spiritual.
NO, it has nothing to do with faith. You can include it if the mother wants to.

A blessing way is a way for mothers to prepare for birth and motherhood by the presence of women she looks up to and surround her in daily life: mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, doulas, ...

It was a wonderful experience where the love for the mother could clearly be felt. Women from different cultures with each their own background and traditions respectfully joined together in a big circle.

We read a beautiful poem and each one of us expressed a wish for mother and baby. Together with doula Tine I sang a song for the unborn baby while everybody kneeled down surrounding mom and holding her. After a few times, most of the women joined the singing. Baby was dancing the entire time. A very special and intense moment.

Hands are holding you
You know what they’re saying?

Words are singing to you
You know what they’re saying?

Welcome to this life
We will give you love

Here in our house
You are home

Check out the video of the song: